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About the project

Alba Iulia 2 residential is unique among the modern building of the capital because of its Y shape. You can start a new comfort packed here, and where you have all the utilities and conditions you need to lead a balanced lifestyle. The residential is complete from all points of view. It’s made out of ultramodern spatious suites, central heating in every apartments, the walls are thermically isolated and they have a nice view. It’s situated close to town center, close to Mall Vitan and Alba Iulia square. Promotional prices start at 33.850 euros and end at 43.700 euros. The two room apartments cost between 71.114 euros and 94.550 euros, and the three room ones cost 102.076 euros.

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Mihaela Dincă

Sales Rep.

0766 795 708 mihaela.dinca@newcityresidence.com

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